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What is gcpdiag?

gcpdiag is a command-line diagnostics tool for GCP customers. It finds and helps to fix common issues in Google Cloud Platform projects. It is used to test projects against a wide range of best practices and common mistakes, based on the troubleshooting experience of the Google Cloud Support team.

gcpdiag is an open-source community project, and not an officially supported Google product.

A Test Suite for GCP

gcpdiag works similarly like code testing. The lint command runs a test suite to detect whether the project is deviating from a list of expected conditions and creates a report.

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Troubleshooting by Google Cloud Support TSEs

gcpdiag includes automated diagnostics based on the troubleshooting experience of Google Cloud Support’s Technical Solution Engineers, solving real customer issues.

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Open Source

gcpdiag is an open-source project hosted on GitHub, and contributors are welcome! We encourage you to file GitHub issues for any idea or problem that you have, and also welcome code contributions.

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