gcpdiag Privacy Policy

gcpdiag tool

Data collected via public APIs

gcpdiag is a command-line tool that uses credentials provided by you (via oauth, service account key, or application default credentials) to access your data in Google Cloud Platform via public APIs.

The collected data is never stored or transmitted anywhere except on the environment where you run it:

  • gcpdiag caches data (credentials and certain API call results) under $HOME/.cache/gcpdiag or $HOME/.cache/gcpdiag-dockerized, which you can delete at any time.

  • gcpdiag will display findings to stdout/stderr (console) or to local files you specify.

In other words: the data collected by gcpdiag always stays with you.


The gcpdiag command-line tool sets a specific User-agent string for the GCP API calls, which makes it possible to identify them as originating from the gcpdiag tool. The Google Cloud Privacy Notice describes how Google collects and processes personal information in relation to Google Cloud Platform and Google’s other Cloud Services.


For the website http://gcpdiag.dev, the privacy policy at https://policies.google.com/privacy applies.